Age: 20 years old
Located at: São Paulo, Moema, Itaim Bibi
Escort Girls Sao Paulo - Ana

More about me: Oh, hey! What u doing around here? Looking for trouble?
Hahaha. As you’ve seen, my name is Ana and I’m here at Escort Girls waiting for ya. I’m ready and excited to have some great experiences. I’m pretty good at massotherapies, so, if you need me to take some stress out of you, call me.

Or text me… You can always get in contact with me on WhatsApp, SMS or just by calling me. I’m 24 hours available for some good old sex. Some people say that I’m a nymphomaniac, but in reality, I’m just a sex enthusiast.

If you liked the photos you saw, just come and get it, they are real! I know they can look kinda fake, but they are only professional. A girl needs to show ther proprieties the right way to bring the boys to the yard.Remember that this hot body is also pretty full of abilities.

I like to spend my time with you boys in hotels, mostly. I don’t have a place of my own to receive you, but we can always sort something out. Remember to talk to me with some advance, so we can get organized, see a hotel (I have some recommendations of my own, like Hotel Slaviero Essential Moema, or Pullman Hotel.

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What I can do: Well, the real question is – What you can do to me? Hahaha.
I’m pretty much forward. If you have an idea, why don’t we try it? I think that every new thing we try, every sexual encounter can be pleasuring in its own way. So, why don’t you show me what you can do to my body?

It’s all yours for the taking.

Seeking:Guys that can surprise me. My excitement comes from the unknown,the different. And, if you have it in you, let me see what it’s your real deal. Let me know on what’s app if you got interested in me. I surely am interested in getting to know you!

I’m waiting for your call. See ya!

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