Age: 25 years
Located at: Rio de Janeiro, nearby Barra da Tijuca, in Copacabana.
Escort Girls Rio de Janeiro - Clementina

More about me: Hey hottie… What are u looking for? A pretty brunette? With thick thighs, a beautiful body? Good and round breasts? The kind of girl you would present to your acquaintances as your girlfriend? Well, guess you found it: Me! And allow me to say that I’m also pretty educated and nice.

Wanna a girlfriend for a day? Call me on WhatsApp! I’m here on Escort Girls to have good days with some good and bad guys haha. I got used to meeting new people by when I was 20, and just continued this pattern. This way I can see new people, know their stories, be friends with them, swell as girlfriend. Smell their breath, see their eyes, get to know and understand their bodies.

I think this is amazing, you can call me weird, but I just love to get in touch with some new people.

I love to have nice chats, kisses, give oral sex, ride dicks. Everything that
involves sex makes me crazy!

We can meet up wherever you want to: your house, office or other places. I
have one place of my own, very discreet, but if it’s not your thing, I totally
understand. We can meet up on a point of your choice.

Oh, and if you like some kinky stuff, why don’t you call me or text me by
WhatsApp? We can discuss our “terms” hahaha. I want our experience to be
the best one, and as we well know, everything can be solved by chatting.

Besides the beach comes to know the Escorts Rio de Janeiro.

What I can do: Well, a little bit of everything… Anal, oral, handjobs, kissing,
even anilingus, if you want me too. I’m a pretty efficient girl and know how to use my body. I guess you will know how to use me too. If not, I already make myself available to teach you.

Massages are not my forte, but I pretty much can relieve your stresses by
sucking your fat cock or putting it into my ass

Seeking: A good vibe, a good sex, good conversations. I don’t know, nothing
special but nothing that the other girls are not looking for. I’m available for every kind of guy that want to have fun, no judgements. I guess what I’m seeking is a good experience, and just that… I guess this is a question that serves more for you… What are you looking for? :P

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