Escort Girls in São Paulo

More about me: Hey you! Do you come here often? Haha, just kidding. I’m Kamini, nice to meet you! As you can see, I’m a brunette woman, with long dark hair and a pretty hot body, not to brag. I like to make myself pretty clear – I like to have sex, a lot! But also, I like to be a good companion to the one I’m with.

If you’re that lucky one, be sure that we’ll party all night!

What I can do: Well, kinda of everything hahah. We can go out just the two of us, if you’re a man or a woman, not a problem. I also like to have experiences with couples. That’s kinda kinky and different. I like to try different stuff, if you have some sexual secret, why don’t you share with me? We can explore it together.

I can meet you up wherever you want. I live at the center, near Paulista, but we can meet up at Vila Madalena, Liberdade and other places. Even if you have a place of your own, I prefer to meet up at hotels, ok? I have some at my list, like Mercure or Ibis, that are cozy and nice to attend.

Seeking: Well, as I’ve said, I like sex. So, I’m looking for it haha. If you want to meet with me, let me know. We can have a little chat, have a good time together, get to know each other and see where the night leads us.

Remember to set up an appointment ok? We can put it on our calendar the day and hour of our precious moment :P

I’m waiting for your call, ok? Let me know when we are going to meet up, hot stuff :)