Name: I’m Margo

Located at: São Paulo and moema escorts

Escort Girls Sao Paulo - Margo

What I’m looking for: I’m looking for a compelling date where I can express my where my lust meets your pleasure.

Hotels where I prefer to provide services: most girls don’t feel safe going where you are, well, not this one. If you want to come to me, I normally attend at Ibis Hotel in Paulista Avenue in the City of São Paulo or even at Mercury Hotel, very neat the same avenue.

How I am like: I'm not called Clarice by mistake. I'm a 26-year-old woman, a mature woman. I know what I like and, most of all, I know my dislikes. I like poetry and fucking me feels like a very good, long and wet dream taken out of a book – somehow, I always picture this book as a doorway to a pool where I can swim naked always wet as I desire you to make me.

If you like a simple fuck, please, carry on with your search, because I don’t drink a new scotch, I like the complex flavors that only come with some aging… So, maturity is necessary, I’ll let you interpret what that means, you need to be able to tell what a real woman means and I don’t mince my words.

About me? That’s what you want to know? Well, I’m blond, not a real one though, but I like it and I think it goes well with Clarice. My body is what you should expect of a powerful woman: full lips, always red; I’m 5.8 feet tall; my body is voluptuous but discreet. I'm sorry but I can stop thinking of myself as the most perfect work of art.

Are you interested in getting in touch? Or more than this? Maybe grab my blond hair between your fingers while looking at my back? Well, you already know what to do!