Age: 23 years old
Located at: Moema, Jardins, Faria Lima, go to your hotel
Escort Girls Sao Paulo - Eva

More about me: Hey, I’m Eva. Nice to meet you, big guy. So, you wanna know more about me, right? So, what can I tell u. I’m here at Escort Girls Sao Paulo ,because pretty much love sex haha. There’s nothing like the connection of 2 sweaty bodys. The soft skin, the smells. I don’t know, it just makes my heart bounce.

And I’m not just about sex, I’m also good with foreplay and relaxing massages.
So, if you don’t want to hurry, we can chat, talk about ourselves, and I can
release some stress out of your body… And if the hot steam start to come out,we can also do one good old happy ending, right?

I’m pretty discrete, so you don’t need to worry about me bringing attention,
unless you want me to :P

You can meet this baby, eva Escort Girls Sao Paulo

What I can do: Well, as I’ve already said, I can do some massages, and at the bed… I can do whatever you want honey. Just tell me your deepest darkest wishes, and I’ll make them true. I have a comfortable place of my own where I can meet you in, or maybe go with you where you prefer. There are lots of good places I know, like Hilton Hotel, or the lovely Ibis Hotel Moema, Grand Hyatt.

Wanna go out with me and see what can happens? You know, right? In for a
penny, in for a pound. Why give excuses? I can be yours right now.

Seeking: Everything that can happen with you. As I’ve said, experiences move me through life, swell as sex. So, if you can give me what I seek, I can give youeverything you want, big guy. And, if you’re wondering what I’m looking for… I want rough sex. Dirty, loud and full of fun stuff.

Wanna try it upside down? I’m the person for it. Try new things, I would love to learn new things with you. I can be whoever you want me to be. Just tell me and I’ll be the one you need.

I’m waiting for your call. Don’t leave me hanging. I’m counting on you.
See you later, hot stuff.

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