Age: 21 years old
Located in: Moema, São Paulo! (: pay me a taxi and I'll come to you
Escort Girls Sao Paulo - Flor

More about me: Hey honey! What are u doing around here? Looking for
trouble? Haha. Hi, my name is Flor! Do you want to know more about me? So…I’m a pretty energetic girl, nothing can make me tired haha. I’m here at Escort girls sao paulo.  kinda of looking to find something to make that can really make me spend my energy. Can u do that hun?

Well, apart of that, I can also say that I’m an inventive girl… I think that’s the word. Everyone says that I can come up with literally anything haha.
Exceptionally on the bed LOL.

I guess that’s a good thing, don’t u think? I’m told to be a good and beautiful
companion, but that you can say to me by yourself. As a hot brunette as I’m, it’s difficult to not be noticed, but I’ll make my promises to you now: I’ll be a good girl and very discrete, don’t worry.

I currently live in São Paulo, in the region of Moema, nearby the Ibis Moema. We can meet up around here, or I could go where u are. I’m pretty much known for my proactiveness. You’ll see what I’m capable of :P

I love to talk dirty thing on WhatsApp, so if you want to speak with me, that’s a good way. You can also call me, I’ll answer u pretty fast.

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What I can do: All sorts of things. Starting on a easy way: I like to talk, speak with all of my clients. You’ll see that I’m a pretty smart cookie, and our conversations can range from economics to astronomy.

On sex… oh, I like to have a good sex, with no hurry. Enjoying the feeling to
have someone inside of me, to be all over you. That’s the kind of thing I like to do and like to feel.

I can either do massages on yah, or go straight to sex. Your choice.

Seeking: Smart guys that really know the art of sex. And if you don’t know, I would love to teach you. My payment is made in reais, euro and dollars, credit and debit are also accepted.

So, wanna hangout? I’m waiting for you (:

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