Age: 22 anos
Located at: São Paulo, capital. I don't have a place of my own to receive you, but you can meet me on a hotel or a motel around here. I won’t mind to look for one with yah.
Escort Girls Sao Paulo - Kamila

More about me: Well, you wanna know more about me beloved? So, let’s talk more about who’s Kamila. I’m at Escort Girls São Paulo for the thrill of it. It’s always something fun to get to know new guys, like you. I get to know their voices, their bodies, their dicks… and I’m pretty excited to know all about you.

As you can see, I’m a pretty hot blondie… And as far as I can say, the mattress is the same color as the carpet :P

I can always receive your invitation and we can sort out something to do
together. My phone is always available for yah.W

Escorts in Moema, Jardins, Avenida Paulista

What I can do: Oh honey, I’ll surprise you. Be sure of it. I can do Anal, oral
without condoms and by the end, I promise we can have some hot kisses by the shower. You can have access to all of this hot mess just by calling of scheduling on WhatsApp.

I don’t know how to do good massages, but I can assure you that my handjobs are only massages you’ll ever need. Prepare to have all your stresses taken out of your body. If it’s to difficult to take it out, I can help it by sucking your fat cock.

Seeking: A good and dirty sex. I like to drive all of the guys crazy and make sex like animals. I love the sweat, the groaning, the cum, the smell of good natural lube. Everything about sex makes me horny.

If you want to meet me, we can schedule a good old sex by a local motel, like Mercure Moema or Ibis São Paulo, and then, you’ll see that I’m not just talking,but fucking too.

Just to advert you: I have a hot fat ass, so, if you’re looking for a rickety girl, it’s not me. My body is hot, just for guys that like hot bodies.

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