Name: My name is Lily

Age: 22

What I like: I like to have fun alone, with you, with couples or even your close friends.

What I’m looking for: I truly only care about having a good time.

Hotels where I prefer to provide services: I normally am at the Ibis Hotel in Paulista Avenue or in the Mercure Hotel that is by this same avenue!

How I am like: Can you picture a very good and fun night, filled with a lot of champagne before you ger to fill me? Well, then you already know what am like. I’m a skinny, brunette girl that you can and will have a lot of fun with. Even though my curves are not voluptuous you have never seen a cuter ass of a pussy better waxed, be sure of that.

If it involves fun, I’m in, don’t matter what you’d like, if it has something to do with putting something up me, I’m most likely into it. Are you traveling accompanied? Don’t let it intimidate you, men and/or women be sure to have a very nice and fun fuck. Also, if you like to do it – and by it, I mean me – under the influence of alcohol or anything else be sure to bring it up, as I said before, fun is my middle name. Can you wonder what else could fit in the middle of me?

Whether it is in a nightclub, a restaurant or even a walk, you got yourself a date. I have lots of interests beyond your pleasure. I’m a mathematician, well, almost, I’m still in college but not for much longer. And other then numbers, I like to read and talk all night long, well, at least while my mouth is not being used and that can be whenever.

Did you like me? Well, you know what to do.