Age: 25 year
Located at: Rio de Janeiro, around Barra da Tijuca and Leblon
Escort Girls Rio de Janeiro - Manuele

More about me: Oh, I can describe me as a girl from a fairytale… Always
giving a happy ending haha. And I guarantee to you: It’s going to be the best
happy ending you ever had…

Hello guys, I’m Manuela, and I’m here at Escort Girls Rio de Janeiro just waiting for you. I’m a professional massage therapist and I love to do my job. Putting some relief on the body and on the mind can make someones life pretty better, and this someone can be you.

My photos are pretty much the same as the reality, so, you can already get
hard. I’m really all of that, and am here just for yah.

On the region of Barra da Tijuca I have a place to welcome u. Pretty cozy, clean and discrete. If it’s not your deal, let me know and we can go to a good hotel or motel. We can find one together, but there’s one good Ibis Rio de Janeiro and a Mercure, Hilton pretty near my place.

We can go there, if you want, they are pretty amazing. Just remember to talk with me on WhatsApp!

Escort girls Rio de Janeiro, near Brisa Hotel, Royalty Hotel.

What I can do: Good and profound massages, a good sex with riding your
cock, sucking your fat dick and letting you cum on my face. That’s kind of the resume of what I can do haha, but on the bed we can always discuss some new and interesting positions, ways of penetration and… u know… be fluid and inventive. What is there to fear?

Seeking: For sex. Let’s cut to the chase, right? I’m looking for sex, good, rough and intense. I think you’re too. So, why don’t we meet, hot stuff?

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