Name: Mariana

Age: 33

What I like: I like an intense experience, doesn’t matter what it is

What I’m looking for: Looking for someone interested in more than just a rapid service, I like a long, deep experience.

Hotels where I prefer to provide services: I’m always around Paulista Center Hotel, in the Rua da Consolação, very near Paulista Avenue.

How I am like: I’m a little older than other girls you might find around here, but that only means I found the right career to invest my time in. I love what I do and, as I said before, intense experiences are exactly what I’m looking for. Whenever you are in São Paulo looking for a true woman, you’ll find one here.

I have brown skin, I’m also not a voluptuous woman, but I believe my breasts are just perfect for my body type. Beyond that, I also believe that they are a perfect match with my big lips since their colors are very alike. I also have curly hair and I always let them free, so my curls can rest on my naked shoulders.

I like to use dresses and black heels, actually, those are my signature vestment, you’ll be able to recognize me from a distance of among other people in a bar. I’m very characteristic.

Would you like to get to know a little more about me? Well, take me out for a dinner or a chill party where we can talk more about ourselves. I’d like you to know who are you getting involved with, so you can enjoy all I have to offer with the intensity that I like and love! Just letting you know, I’m not always wearing underwear, you might ask me that.