Age: 25 years old
Located in: Rio de Janeiro, around Barra da Tijuca, in the famous
Escort Girls Rio de Janeiro - Melia

More about me: Hey! I’m Melia! Nice to meet you 

I’m an escort girl, one of the best. A beautiful and funny blond girl that can drive you crazy. This kind of question like “tell me more about you” is really difficult to answer, but I can tell you upfront that I live in Rio, in the region of Barra. I have a nice and cozy place where I can meet you.

If you want to go to a hotel, we can do it swell. Hotel Vila Galé and Grande
Mercure Rio de Janeiro Copacabana is one of the best ones around here. If you want to go there, I’m pretty sure that we’re going to have a good time.

Other thing about me is that I love to take care of me, so, don’t imagine that
you’ll find a stinky pussy. My body is always well trimmed, clean and perfumed. It doesn’t prevent you from getting me pretty sweaty on the bedroom, ok? Then, we can take a shower together, share some kisses and maybe, fuck again below the water.

I can accept payment in reais, euros and dollars. When speaking of credit and debit, both of them are accepted.

If you want to picture my vibe… I’m soft, I have a fragrant skin and I behave like a pretty little girlfriend. Educated and gentle, I can attend on a handful of locations, just let me know where do you want to meet me.

Blonde Escort Girls Rio de janeiro with breasts breasts and silky vagina.

What I can do: Oh, honey, I’ll surprise you. I don’t consider myself as a
fetishist, but I pretty much love to explore every single corner of sex. If you want to show me that little edge you never got to… I’ll be pretty excited to try it with u. Why don’t you teach me a new trick? I will love it!

Seeking: For you! If you can give me a rough sex and make my legs tremble
with pleasure… Then, I’m looking for you, and I want it now. Talk to me on
Whats App or even call me. We can chat, settle things up and then, meet up.

Sounds like a deal for ya? For me is already settled! Don’t leave me hanging
here, ok? I get bored pretty easily… See you soon, hot guy. :P

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