Age: 20 years old
Located at: Rio de Janeiro, near Barra da Tijuca, in Copacabana.
Escort Girls Rio de Janeiro - Melinda

More about me: Oh, hey hot stuff. Looking for some trouble? Beware, you can fall into some hot mess around here. I’m a hot bisexual, and I’m here at Escort Girls to encounter couples, guys or girls that wanna have some fun.

As you can see on my pictures, I’m a brunette with some oriental features. I
recently arrived here at Rio de Janeiro, so, I don’t have a place of my own yet, and don’t know lots of hotels, but I can recommend you the Copacabana Rio Hotel, or the Hotel Vila Galé. Those are the ones I’ve been in and that I would like to be there with yah.

Besides a wonderful sex, I like to be a good company for the ones I’m with.
Let’s have a great experience together, talk about the world, your life, my life. Let’s really and truly meet.

I want you to have an experience you won’t forget, and I’ll use all of my
weapons to do it .

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What I can do: Well… Some good massages, an awesome oral sex (without
condom), and I’m the queen of riding dicks and fingering hot pussys.

I can accept payments in Dollars, swell as euros or cards, credit or debit. Some currencies like Pesos or Forints are accepted too, but maybe we will have to discuss the price, ok?

As I’ve said, I’m located in Copacabana, Barra da Tijuca, and I can attend
everywhere around here. Either it is your workplace or your preferred coffee shop. I’ll be there with my very best clothing.

Oh, just to remember, I’m pretty much discrete. I give you mi promise: I won’t bring any undesirable attention to me, if it makes you uncomfortable, be sure of it.

Seeking: New and good experiences. Show me all your cards, I want to see
them. If you have fetishes, or even if you want to release your demons… I’m the one you can do it with. Talk to your wife, make a plan of attack, I’ll be waiting.

If you’re coming solo, we’ll have lots of time to spend together. Let’s discover each other bodies… I have some places that you surely want to know from the inside.

Well, I guess that’s all! We’ll see each other soon, right? Don’t leave me

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