Those who go to Rio, want 3 things in general: beautiful women, beautiful beaches, and indulge in the lifestyle of locals. The Marvelous City, which enchants you with its sun and its amazing beaches, can also surprise you in the evening! Here in this text we will present you the best of the night in Rio! 😀

“Bohemia”, this is a word that defines Rio night. As the night grows dark, Rio de Janeiro residents go to the local bars, order a pint of cold beer, and enjoy the night as best they can: with lots of talk, laughter and music!

The places chosen by us for this text seek to take into account the hot spots of the city. So, try to choose what is most convenient for you, as well as, what is most interesting to proceed with the rest of the night with your escort girl 😀


They range from clubs to bars and nightclubs, so get ready for a full list of options:

TRAPICHE GAMBOA: Staying in a centennial mansion, Trapiche Gamboa has a lot of samba and bohemia. Considered one of the best houses of its kind in all of Rio de Janeiro, the parties that happen here usually gather people from all over the city, as well as many celebrities!

JOBI: Simple and classic. A trip to Jobi, in Leblon, is one of the most traditional destinations in Rio de Janeiro. The place is always full, even more so on hot days. So try to get organized to go asap. There are usually 600 liters of draft beer per day!

BAR BUKOWISKY: With Wisky in the name, you could not expect anything like a very interesting party, right? Buko for the intimate, has a very vibrant energy and houses 4 different bars in their space, 3 dance floors and an area with tables for you to sit and chat if you want;

ASTOR: If you’re looking for somewhere quieter, Astor is a good call for you. Looking to provide the best drinks on the market, the Astor is a very interesting and interesting bar to take your companion and spend the beginning of your evening. Get ready to not only drink the best caipirinha of your life, but also try other delicacies made by local baristas.

If your goal is to spend an incredible night, we are sure that the options we passed you will meet this requirement right!

If you are not satisfied with the options here, look for others such as Circo Voador, Pedra do Sal, or even pay a visit to Baixo Gávea. The latter being a neighborhood full of bars and restaurants, full of young people who drink in the region and then go to a more trendy place.

If your goal is to meet new people, maybe this is an interesting place to start your evening


Many parties in Rio end up happening spontaneously, so ask in your hotel which part of the city you are having the most traffic on the day of your stay. We are sure that the local staff can help you a lot in choosing your point! : D

If your legs get tired in the middle of the night, just call your escort to the hotel and “call it off the night” haha!

I hope your questions have been taken and that this text has been helpful to you! We wish you a fun night!