Age: 19 years
Located at: São Paulo, morumbi
Escort Girls Sao Paulo - Penelope

More about me: Oh, apart of my sexy body and my wonderful oral, you need to know something more? Okay okay, I can say one or two things about me. So… Let’s start. I’m not a fetishist, but I can do some things in bet with you. Feet, golden shower, punching, you name it, hot stuff.

I can accept Credit Cards, debit and also money… A girl gotta do what she
gotta do, right? And to accept every kind of guy, I need to accept every type of payment.

And, every dick size is accepted too haha. My service is pretty much perfect,
and I put no limitations.

My oral go through the end, you don’t need to worry about holding your cum… I can make you cum in my mouth, but sadly I won’t swallow. Know it upfront: it’s not you, it’s just for security.

The same goes for riding without condoms… I can’t do it, ok?

But, what about I make you feel like my mouth is my hot and wet pussy? I bet you can feel like you’re fucking me on the flesh. Just close your eyes and be delighted by what I can give to you.

Do you look for escort in sao paulo for a good price?

Oh my god, I think I already gave my cards on the topic before.
Hahaha, but I can obviously talk more about my game. My body and my youth are worth of something, and I can tell you: my energy is impossible to spend.

And I can show it to you at a local hotel, like Moema Hotel, or Ibis Moema. Even my cozy apartment. It’s ready to receive you! Just book our meeting on WhatsApp or by calling me, or sending a message.

Seeking: A good sex, a good talk, a good meeting. Who know what can
happen. Life is a delicious box, full of surprises. If we just wait for a thing, we are going to face lots of disappointments. Why not wait for whatever happens? It makes the game feels like everything is a win, or maybe new knowledge.

Let’s see what you can teach me or what I can teach you?

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