Name: Pryscilla

Age: 22

What I like: I love to experience new things. Tell me your desires, doesn’t matter how weird you think it is, be free to experiment, I am doing the same thing.

What I’m looking for: New and exciting experiences.

Hotels where I prefer to provide services: I’m normally at Windsor California Hotel in Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, but wherever you are is pretty fine.

How I am like: I’m a young lady, as many men call me, but the experience needed for this job is something that I guess I was born with, some would say it’s from another life, but I won’t extend myself in this subject.

I have wavy hair up to my shoulders which makes my face more apparent and I’m not gonna lie, I believe that’s my best trait. I’ll probably be one of the most beautiful beings you ever saw in your life. When I’m on top, riding, I’ve been called angel – and I love this feeling almost as much as I love to discover new things to do.

Anyhow, I’m not tall, I’m 5.4 feet of height, and my body is rounded, not really the skinny type. I love to go to parties and be intoxicated if you know what I mean. Also, if you need some guidance around the many nightclubs in Rio de Janeiro, you have found the perfect partner.

I’m into anything I haven’t done and I’m more than up to reliving anything is worth our time! And remember always I simply love what I’m doing, I found myself in the pleasure or it found me to make it happen. So, if you are interested in living all of this with me, you already know what to do!

I’m always in the beach area here in Rio de Janeiro, let me know when you arrive.