Age: 26 anos
Located at: São Paulo, by the City of Moema! Nearby Ibis Moema Hotel, I can send you the location by Whats App, if you want me to :P
Escort Girls Sao Paulo - Stefany

More about me: Pretty honored to be here at Escort Girls São Paulo, I’m
Stefany! A hot blondie girl just waiting for ya. I’m a bisexual, so, if you have
fetishes with your wife, I’m the one to call.

I love to satisfy in bad and make sweet oral sex to the men and women that are with me. I pretty much love to kiss and receive kisses, I think it’s a way to spice up the sex.

You can found me all over São Paulo… As my friends usually say “I’ve got no
roots” haha. I can also go wherever you are, ok? Just to say that I’m waiting for you and we are going to have lots of fun.

Beautiful blonde escort, in the region of faria lima, berrini and Jardins.

What I can do: I can do pretty much anything. But by being specific, I can do oral sex, massages, kisses that can drive you pretty much crazy. You don’t have any motive to say alone today, right big guy? Oh, just to remember I can see you whenever you want to, ok? 24 hours per day, your sexual needs can be fulfilled.

Tall, skinny, elegant and pretty horny, I’m the kind of girl that really can make your night feel like in heaven. Search for Gorilla, a music from Bruno Mars. I like this kind of thing. Rough and intense sex. You’ll see that this little blondie can turn itself into a good old sex machine :P

Oh, and just to let you know upfront, I like to give and receive kisses. So, don’t’ even try to avoid it: I’m going to kiss your whole body.

Seeking: Good and bad, right and wrong: I like every kind of person. To get to know a person is like to read a book. If you are a good, bad or neutral book, I’ll say it by the end of our encounter.

Oh, and don’t get to think that I’m an empty vessel. I can talk to you about
plenty of stuff. You can chat with me about your work, your life, marriage, u
name it. (:

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