Finding a good hotel, so that we spend a fun and pleasant night, can be complicated, especially when you are not a native or speak the local language. Knowing this difficulty, we leave here a list of hotel rooms that will be perfect for your night! You will see!


Rio de Janeiro is very big, and therefore the availability of hotels is also vast. Let’s see below the best hotels you can stay for one night and have fun with everything the structure offers for you and your Escort Grils:

RAMADA ENCORE RIBALDA HOTEL: Being one of the newest hotels in Rio de Janeiro, with an innovative structure and incredible space, the Ramada Encore Ribalda Hotel was inaugurated in 2016. Its rooms have a generous space, which is distributed in 190 double rooms . Inside it, electronic lock, fridge, air conditioning and more


WINDSOR CALIFORNIA HOTEL: Offering breakfast, room service, bar far away, indoor pool and restaurant, Windsor is one of the most complete hotels on our list. If before going to the room you want to spend in the bar, drink some drinks and talk, this is the best place for that! When you arrive at your accommodations, you’ll see that everything is also first rate – air conditioning, generous space, well-proportioned mirrors throughout the room – all done to make for an incredible and memorable night! Oh, the rating of the hotel is 4 stars!


GRAND MERCURE: Much commented throughout Rio de Janeiro, Mercure is considered one of the best hotels in the whole city, and there are no discussions about this. It is a true paradise in the middle of the city. From music to the environment, from the menu to the architecture, everything here breathes charm, elegance and uniqueness. All this in the middle of Barra da Tijuca. In the rooms you will find from a minibar, air conditioning, comfortable beds, as well as inside the structure will have a SPA, Bar and Lounge, Restaurant and even swimming pool! : D


LSH HOTEL: Luxury and lifestyle – these are the promises of LSH Hotel. Sprawling in luxury and having been designed by the world’s most renowned architects, the rooms are lined with Turkish marble, Italian cabinetmaking, rainshower showers and designer furniture exclusively made for the Hotel. With a rating of almost 5 stars (4 and a half stars), we are almost certain that you will love everything that this structure can offer you. Soak in the drinks from the bar away from the poolside, as well as try all the snacks the place has to offer!



All the hotels listed here have been handpicked: all of them are ideal for you to have the best of evenings with the Escort Girls you choose. With an organized and discreet room service, you can bet your night will go smoothly and with all possible discretion!

Get ready for an unforgettable night with the Rio de Janeiro escort who chooses to have fun! We are sure that, being in the dependencies of any of these hotels, you can have unique adventures, incredible conversations and of course, much intensity in everything you want to do until dawn.

If you’ve ever been to Rio and been to a hotel, how about commenting below which one was the one of your choice? Are you on our lists? How about recommending it to our other readers as well?

We are waiting for your feedback to let us know more about where your retreat is!

Hugs and we’ll talk soon!