Whether it is your first visit, or even if you are already a frequent visitor to the city, Sao Paulo has so many options of hotels in São Paulo, bars and the like that it is to be stunning. So we have this list here, so you can worry about the really important choices of your trip!

ROYAL BOUTIQUE JARDINS: Possessing 4 of 5 stars on TripAdvisor and being one of the most complete hotels on our list, Royal Boutique Jardins has some unique differentials. When we talk in the room, they are equipped with a powerful air conditioning, a minibar, work table and a premium space. Starting from the general structure, the hotel offers a restaurant, bar away, breakfast, Business Center, internal gym and even multilingual staff

DAN INN PLANALTO HOTEL: Amazing hotel and with low costs! This is the summary of the Dan Inn. Offering concierge service, high-quality wireless internet, as well as incredible room service, the Dan Inn is able, with its prices, to be at the top of our list when we talk about cost benefit!


NOBILE SUÍTES CONGONHAS: Located in Campo Belo, one of the most beautiful regions of São Paulo, Nobile Suítes Congonhas was designed with two towers and is ideal for those who are looking for an environment that offers comfort in a luxurious way. With acoustic treatment throughout the room, you can rest assured that you will have all the privacy and discretion possible in your stay.


H3 HOTEL PAULISTA: Practical and simple yet endowed with everything you need for a comfortable stay! With an attentive, multilingual staff and always up-to-date on what’s happening in the city, the H3 has everything you need to feel at home. And best of all, it’s in front of Paulista! Allowing you, from a night in a bar or at a party house in the area, can go with your escort to the Hotel without further ado.


Looking for fun?

These are only 4 of the hotels that we here from the newsroom we recommend, but there are a multitude of other establishments that you can look for to have fun on your night in São Paulo.

In this magical city, it is you who decide how your night begins and how it ends! As with who she begins and with whom she ends: P

Always remember to research in detail how the hotel works, the area, check in and check out times and the like, okay? 😀

Also, tell us to give you other directions and, why not, make some contacts with some escort girls from São Paulo! Talk to you soon!