São Paulo is the city that never sleeps from Brazil. And so it is to be expected that the agitation of it does not end with nightfall, right? With a wealth of nightlife destinations, Sao Paulo will not let you down! This we guarantee

Besides beautiful women, the night of São Paulo is also full of incredible events, parties and unique bars! From samba wheels to parties in Jazz clubs, São Paulo’s bohemian night is really very rich. Immerse yourself in this text, and we’ll show you in detail what our beloved SP can offer you

In our list, we will talk about several neighborhoods, so you can choose what is closest to your hotel, or even the meeting point with your escort.


An inexhaustible night, as well as the city of São Paulo. What you should expect to find: D

Here are the choices we have made for you:

SKYE BAR: Staying at the Unique Hotel, is endowed with several incredible drinks, which join the unmistakable landscape of São Paulo. The dishes here are also a delight, but they are usually slightly more expensive than in the rest of the city;

VELOSO: If you are a simple guy, and want to take your escort to a more popular place, Veloso is your choice. Filled with local delicacies, a delicious caipirinha and more, Veloso is your most accurate choice when it comes to “Boteco”.

BARS OF THE CENTER: In this topic, we are not necessarily speaking of one place, but of several. Our hottest tips are the Dona Onça Bar and the Brahma Bar. They are close to the Skye Bar, which we quote just above, but they do not even come close to the elegance of it. Then choose wisely;

CAOS: A bar and antiquarian, this place is the stage for several underground parties, as well as a lot of music! If you enjoy what you do here and what the bar has to offer, you will surely love Mono and Lab, which are other well-alternative and themed party places!

Look, these are just 4 pillars that we separate for you, what to do at night here in São Paulo. The options, indeed, are endless! You can go from a chic restaurant in the middle of Paulista buildings, as well as going to a little bar on the Trianon side to spend the night in beer bottles


Some places, such as Rua Augusta, for example, are a meeting point in and of itself. And if you want to make your evening a bit lively, hang out with someone interesting and have a few beers or other drinks: this might be a choice for you too!

EXTRA TIP: If you want something super discreet and intimate, we strongly recommend SubAstor, which is a bar installed underground Astor. Staying at Vila Madalena is a great local attraction. The songs that play here? From rock, jazz and soul. All to cheer up your evening and make you excited about your conversations.

The drinks are known all over São Paulo, so come with money to buy all the menu options for you and your escort!

What’s more, if the options here do not appeal to you: do not be discouraged. Search on sites like TripAdvisor or hot hashtags of the moment on Instagram to know in detail what is happening in the city 😀